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Selected quotes by John Renesch
Author, Futurist, Business Philosopher (1937 - )


Submitted to CWIRE by Molly Stone, PRWeb
September 10, 2005
(Thanks, Molly!)

"Fundamentalists fall in love with the menu and stop partaking of the meal."

"Individuals seek comfort. Organizations and societies seek stability. Sustained comfort and stability will eventually kill the person, the organization or the society. They all need to be upset every once in a while to be healthy."

"We all may want pretty much the same thing in our world but some have very strong opinions as to why it isn’t possible."

"When we see people only for their usefulness, we’re condemned to the life of being a people manipulator."

"Seeking higher states of consciousness without any service to the community is akin to masturbation. You might have a lot of fun but no one else gets any benefit."

"If we are on a path of getting nowhere fast, technology is allowing us to get nowhere faster and faster."

"When your soul quits taking refuge in the pretenses and stops being a fugitive from Spirit, it will catch on fire and serve as a beacon lighting the way to your calling, your destiny, to being completely and entirely you."

"Democracy is a team sport. It is not like going to a ballgame where you sit passively and decide if you like the players and evaluate their abilities after watching the game. We are the players, we are the team, in a democratic nation or a democratic world."

"We don’t need to be condemned to a future based on how things have always been, even though they may have been that way for a long, long time."

"To ignore Spirit or our own higher consciousness when we work is to pretend our biggest asset doesn't exist; it is just plain stupid."

"Organizations are simply systems created by people; they are there to serve us, not the other way around."

"There's no reason people who work have to be resigned to situations and endure circumstances when we all possess the power to create better futures."

"True leadership comes from within, not from external trappings; you see the real leaders when things get tough and courageous actions are called for."

"Revenge stops us from expanding as a species, it keeps us locked in our box of limitations and dooms us to endless cycles of vengeance and violence; reparation, reconciliation and forgiveness expands our horizons to expand so we can grow as a species. This is part of the new thinking we must employ to evolve consciously."

"The quality of the life and work of industrialized human beings - and the legacy they leave to successive generations - can be incredibly improved by making everyday choices more consciously."

"No real progress can be made without true humility."

"Not only are all human systems dysfunctional, they are also outmoded since they were created for a context of insufficiency, separateness and fear. Since the emerging paradigm is about inter-connectivity, love and enough, our social systems need to be radically transformed to be functional and effective."

"Complaining about something without taking any action to correct it is irresponsible. If a condition deserves criticism, it deserves an honest attempt to change it."

"The more power one has to impact others, the more insistent we should be that they are emotionally stable. We cannot afford to have people getting silly when they are in charge of our armories or arsenals."

"Never before have we talked so much about so little that's important."

"The challenge for any visionary who wants to have real impact is to avoid getting so far out front that the people you want to influence cannot see you or hear your vision. You need to come back from time to time in order to be seen and heard."

"Systems shift when they get so absurd or insane or dysfunctional that the pain produced by the avoidance of the truth becomes greater than the ‘comfort of familiarity’ that the avoidance seems to be providing."

"Each time we settle for a consolation to make our reality more endurable, we postpone the eventual unfolding of a new reality."

"Empowerment is an inside job."

"The new leaders for the new millennium will be ordinary people doing extraordinary things, working in concert with other ordinary folks."

"There are always choices. No matter what the circumstances, we always have choices to make. Making no choice is a choice of its own."

"The search for intelligent life on other planets continues to fascinate scientists around the world. However there is still much searching to be done right here on Earth."

"A truly wise person needs to be willing to look foolish sometimes."

"What is most needed in the world is not martyrs claiming to be saving the world but rather people doing what makes their hearts sing – who are engaged in work with all their passion, all their heart and all their soul."

"The loudest voice telling us that we cannot achieve what we dream about is usually our own."

"Examining your life is an ongoing process which you can count on having around for the rest of your life, so long as you remain committed to your spiritual growth."

"I think it's appropriate that this country be the source of a renaissance of responsible business, because we are the first ones to see the downside of the dream."

"Forgiving others is an entirely selfish act."

"Silence is a sound that the soul can hear."

"The only thing keeping us in the reality we endure is the consciousness we are choosing at the present time."

"The future holds limitless possibilities for humanity if we can muster the spiritual courage to live up to our full potential."

"Each time we settle for a consolation to make our reality more endurable, we postpone the eventual unfolding of a new reality."

"Don't let life go by without being everything you can know you can be."

"You can't solve 21st Century problems with 20th Century solutions."

"What a noble purpose for one's life - to be in a place where one's desire and one's destiny are the same."

"The person who never makes an ass of themselves leads a very dull life."

"You cannot change the world unless you first change yourself."

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