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  Schools in the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys
School Sponsors

  Community Wire encourages local businesses and residents to sponsor local schools by offering free webpages and free banner advertising to schools. School officials (or Alumni Associations, PTA organizations, or Booster Clubs, etc.) may then use the free webpages and ad banners to raise money for the school.

One hundred percent (100%) of revenues collected by the school go to the school. Community Wire does not "sell" the ad banners shown on school webpages. Schools may solicit sponsorship (or "sell" the ad banner space) for whatever price they want, or they may "swap" the ad banner for a gift of some kind. Or, at their discretion, the school may simply use the banner space to advertise upcoming fundraisers or community events.

CWIRE suggests a value of $250 per year for the ad banner. Some schools may give it away as a "thank you" to their supporters, or they may raffle it off for $500 or $1,000 or more. The money goes straight to the school.

What's the catch? There is no catch! CWIRE has set aside hundreds of pages just for schools as a service to the local community and as a promotion for CWIRE. We maintain CWIRE so that we can gain readers in the local area -- just like a newspaper, radio, or television station.

CWIRE's revenue comes from the sale of advertising in other sections of CWIRE. We depend on the content in the Schools Section to attract local readers and keep them coming back to CWIRE.

But that's not all -- not only do we count on the Schools section to attract local readers (more "eyes" on CWIRE), but we also want to partner with local schools to train and recruit more WWWolunteers for CWIRE!

The more content, the more viewers... and the more advertising revenue to share.

Please help CWIRE to help local schools!

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