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  Business in the Arroyo Verdugos


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CWIRE is affiliated with dozens of fine merchants with whom you will enjoy shopping. You will find the prices to be very competitive, and the products and services excellent. And you'll be supporting CWIRE just by shopping online. In return for helping them to find customers, the first time a CWIRE reader buys from one of these affiliated businesses, CWIRE earns a small commisssion (referral fee) ranging from 2 cents to over $10. You get the benefit of good bargains and a pleasant shopping experience, and CWIRE earns revenue to help promote CWIRE, to reward our student interns, and to expand our web content for local readers.

Local Merchants

CWIRE links to many local merchants and shopping districts as a service to the local community. Support local merchants, and help to keep our local economy healthy and strong.


CWIRE operates an online book store through an affiliation with Amazon. When you shop at Amazon, why not shop through CWIRE! You'll find great gifts, educational items, and books that you can purchase on behalf of schools & charities and the people who support them.

Charity Fundraisers

If your school or service club or other nonprofit organization sells products or services, you can list them here for free. Your organization must first register and qualify to be listed in the Local Organizations Directory here on CWIRE.COM. If you are a local merchant and want to make your products or services available to nonprofits as fundraisers, let us know! We'll list them on CWIRE.

Special Discounts & Incentives

If your business or agency offers special discounts or incentives to people in the local area, please let us know. As a service to the community, we will list them here on CWIRE and/or link to the offer(s) on your website.

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