Innovative formats +
clever contextual targeting =
exceptional results

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C Wire Impact

To generate brand awareness and launch new products or services

Story Ad

Best for building brand awareness and launching new products and services.

A branding format offering ultimate visibility - loved by consumers and publishers. Consists of one, or many videos or static images that will appear as social stories, in context, in high quality editorial content.

up to
visible, in article inventory
up to
Engagement rate

C Wire Engage

To get people to think about your business and seek more information – to generate traffic, engagement, video views or leads

Sponsored Video

Best for video views and completed video views.

Generate more engagement with your video assets. C Wire signposts the relevance of your video to the article in which it appears, through title, descriptive text and call-to-action.

up to
video view rates uplift
avg. of
video in view time

Sponsored Post

Best for driving high quality traffic to your website – lower bounce rate, longer dwell time.

An engaging, responsive format combining a cover image, title, description, logo and a call to action to bring traffic to your site to learn more.

up to
CTR uplift
avg. of
in view time

Sponsored Podcast

Best for generating awareness and downloads or subscriptions to your podcast.

Uses a short or long-form edit of your audio content, showcased with subtitles and a dynamic audio wave to generate attention. CTA links directly to leading podcast platforms where your content is available.

Why C Wire?

Outstanding results

We drive quality on-site traffic. We generate better dwell time and lower bounce rate metrics than other paid communications channels.

Full reach

Our proprietary platform is browser-agnostic. We reach the entire audience regardless of what browser they use.

Premium Media

We partner with premium publishers to provide reach in quality media. Our proprietary targeting technology works best with quality journalistic content.

Complete User Privacy

C Wire does not track users. That makes us future-proof and GDPR compliant by design.

Innovative Tech

Uniquely powerful, proprietary contextual targeting technology. Powered by AI, we deliver campaigns only on the most relevant articles on quality news and content portals.

Exceptional Products

High-impact advertising products for upper funnel awareness and mid-funnel engagement campaigns.

Up to
improvement in dwell time
Up to
lower bounce rate compared to other paid channels
Up to
improved completion rate on videos
Up to
improved click-rate compared to industry standard

Recent success stories

How to get started

Contact us and we’ll help you plan your campaign with us.

How our technology works

Text ingestion to detect relevance

C Wire ingests all journalistic content from every article across our premium media partner network (news and lifestyle publishers only). We dissect it within our NLP pipeline for meaning and relevance.

Uniquely granular contextual targeting

C Wire algorithms select the universe of matching articles for each individual piece of advertising creative. We analyse the landing page, text and video soundtrack. Each matched article is allocated a unique relevance score.

Relevance Ad Server

Our proprietary server prioritises delivery of impressions based on articles with the highest relevance scores, from across the pool of articles identified. This results in high campaign performance in brand suitable environments.

Privacy by Design

C Wire contextual intelligence generates results on a par with, or superior to, data driven campaigns which use 3rd party data. Not tracking users makes us  future-proof and GDPR compliant by design.

Real-time processing

C Wire processes content in real time. We algorithmically build a dynamic pool of news and lifestyle content on which to serve advertising content. Within seconds, newly published articles are ingested and given a unique score, per creative.