Sponsored Podcast Details

This is the new Sponsored Podcast

A video clip format, generated from your podcast achieving outstanding downloads for your podcasts

best placements
  • Selected in-article placements
  • Exclusively on selected media websites
  • Brand suitability by design
best AUDIO tech
  • Adaptive streaming enabling fastest loading time
  • Muted auto-play
  • Plays only in viewport
  • WebVTT subtitles
best performance
  • AI Powered Contextual Matching
  • Native elements catching attention
  • Seamless integration on websites
  • Cost-per-view pricing model

What makes our product Superior.

Contextual Matching

Optimising your campaign to be seen within the most relevant content will ensure great engagement KPIs, for your ad as well as for the traffic generated.

Our proprietary technology indexes all publisher articles and scores them against your ads to focus our delivery on the most relevant content while still ensuring the volumes you need.

Campaigns with us are typically among the bests when it comes to bounce rates and time on site.
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100% addressable - cookieless

With your current data driven campaigns, you already miss up to 50% of your potential reach because of users being on Safari, Firefox or in-app.

Thanks to our 100% cookie-less technology, you can now expand your reach while being more relevant than ever.
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Brand suitability

The combination of working only with a handful of selected publishers and using our proprietary contextual technology allows us to ensure your brand is only delivering on content that is suitable to your brand.

We automatically detect and exclude any article that might be damageable for your brands. Our team also operates and manual screening of historical articles to see if anything inappropriate has been selected by our system.
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Adaptive Streaming technology

Traditionally, video advertising does not use any streaming technology but rather progressive download. Opting for adaptive streaming allows us to minimise buffering times as well as improving loading times.

Ultimately, it means that your ads have improved KPIs with higher viewability, higher completion rates and higher CTRs
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Integrated ad formats

Focusing on high-quality native formats results in ad formats that fit well within all our media partners' websites and increases KPIs again.

Unlike HTML5 creatives that lead to very slow loading times, our creatives are seamlessly integrated which improves again the loading times and KPIs.
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How to start a campaign with us?

The easiest way is to contact us. Our team will be delighted to setup some demos for you and show you how your ads could look like with us.

Brief us

The first step is to brief us with your campaign details so we can make you an adapted offer

Select your parameters

For your campaign, you will be able to decide every parameter:
- Whitelist the websites you want to use
- Define a content blacklist. (e.g. don't show your ads on articles that mention your brand)
- Start & end date
- Volumes
- Content types
- A/B Tests

Reach your audience

Your campaign will run according to your choices and ensure the highest relevance

The technical specifications

Sponsored Podcast

  • Headline: limited to 80 characters (spaces included)
  • Lead text: limited to 200 characters (spaces included)
  • Brand name: limited to 20 characters (spaces included)
  • Cover image: ratio 16:9 or 1:1 in jpg, webp or png
  • Icon: 64x64px in jpg, webp or png
  • Links to podcasts: Landing pages for each desired platform,
    (e.g. Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast and a link to the clien'ts landing page)
  • Audio file:
    Weight: No weight limit. Please send the highest quality available
    Duration: No duration limit
    Audio format: mp3
  • Subtitles: WebVTT file

Tracking capabilities

  • Click tracking: Click redirects used as landing pages or click tracker pixel
    In case of click redirects, please ensure to provide one redirect per outlink.
    E.g. 1 to Spotify, 1 to Google podcast, etc.
  • Other events tracking: IMG pixel
  • Available tracking events:
    - Views (3 seconds plays)
    - 25% views
    - 50% views
    - 75% views
    - Completed views
    - Clicks