Better advertising.
Better value creation for publishers.

C Wire empowers publishers to better monetise their quality content

Transparent, fixed revenue share model for all media partners

Our publishers know exactly what proportion of an advertiser’s budget they are receiving.

Cookie-free solution allows equal monetisation of all browsers

Firefox and Safari browsers are already dramatically under-monetized by most publishers.

C Wire is browser agnostic

Direct advertising model

Fewer intermediaries in the publishing value chain eating margins and delivering questionable or no value

Additional Revenue streams

Our formats enable you to compete for social budgets and generate incremental revenues from “always on”, content-driven campaigns - without compromising your direct sales efforts.

Quality experience within easy integration

Better Advertising Experience

Adaptive streaming technology for fast ad loading times delivers a better user experience. Our formats are high impact but generate low-latency effects for our publishing partners.

Supporting Quality Media

C Wire works exclusively with quality news and lifestyle content portals. We support quality media because 100% of our campaigns stay with premium publishers - there are no long-tail sites in our network

Easy Integration

C Wire technology and formats can be easily integrated via prebid (preferred method) or alternatively a script on the page. Prebid helps us to maximise yield across your valuable inventory.

How our technology works

Text ingestion to detect relevance

C Wire ingests all journalistic content from every article across our premium media partner network (news and lifestyle publishers only). We dissect it within our NLP pipeline for meaning and relevance.

Uniquely granular contextual targeting

C Wire algorithms select the universe of matching articles for each individual piece of advertising creative. We analyse the landing page, text and video soundtrack. Each matched article is allocated a unique relevance score.

Relevance Ad Server

Our proprietary server prioritises delivery of impressions based on articles with the highest relevance scores, from across the pool of articles identified. This results in high campaign performance in brand suitable environments.

Privacy by Design

C Wire contextual intelligence generates results on a par with, or superior to, data driven campaigns which use 3rd party data. Not tracking users makes us  future-proof and GDPR compliant by design.

Real-time processing

C Wire processes content in real time. We algorithmically build a dynamic pool of news and lifestyle content on which to serve advertising content. Within seconds, newly published articles are ingested and given a unique score, per creative.

Better monetisation of your audiences across browsers and devices