Get an immersion into entrepreneurship

Combine your studies with start-up experience

Put what you’re learning at university into practice within a fast-growing startup – that’s us! – and get the opportunity to unleash your talents.

The C Wire Working Student program is an immersion into entrepreneurship. You will live what building a startup means by joining our team part-time and working closely with our founders and other senior team members. Whether you are interested in Finance, Fundraising, M&A, Marketing, Product, HR or Operations, you will be able to hold roles that will give you broad responsibilities.

Why join?

Experience first-hand the dynamics of an international, fast-growing company

Build your professional network

Learn as you lead, support and make a real difference

Support sustainable practices in digital advertising to keep quality journalism accessible for us all  – this is our passion

What it looks like?

20-60% working time

Select you prefered function between Finance, Marketing, Product, HR, or Operations

Duration of the student jobs possible until your examinations are complete

9-18 month contracts

Possible permanent position option after your studies