Our mission is simple. We enable advertisers and publishers to unlock their full advertising potential on the trusted web.

Self-driven builders, European born, aiming at a global presence working as one team
We’re headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with our team growing fast in Europe and beyond.

We’re committed to delivering on our mission: to solve the inefficiency and opaqueness of the digital advertising value chain and to keep quality journalism accessible in a way that’s sustainable for people, brands and publishers.
One team dedicated to make a difference
We’re all in the same team – our in-house team, our partners and our clients. Together we create sustainable solutions for the long-term.
Always fair and respectful
Diversity of opinions and backgrounds creates the best solutions. We’re committed to nurturing our high-trust culture where we all learn from each other.
Dig deeper and do it right
To get it right we strive to understand the root cause and find the best solution guided by data. If there’s room to improve, we will, until we achieve the results we’re aiming for.
Brief History

We're just getting started.

Launched our MVP
September 2020
We developed our core technology for 9 months before launching our first client cases in September 2020. We then had the first version of our proprietary ad server, relevance scoring AI-models as well as our first ad formats.
Active sales kick-off
September 2021
After improving our tech and increasing the amount of publisher partners we work with, we hired our first sales person. We finally bring ads from more and more advertisers to users across any browser and support publishers from the trusted web to improve their monetization.
Buyer Pro Launch
September 2023
In order to serve our clients across all channels, we spent months developing Buyer Pro and connecting to 3rd party technologies. We can now solve the cookie disaster in the programmatic world.
An ambitious founding team

Meet our founders

Our founding team knows each other well for having worked together throughout their careers. They are passionate about the industry and having a positive impact by solving some of its biggest problems. Basically founders that care.

Rui de Freitas

Rui has a 10 years track record within international media companies in advertising tech, strategy, and product development jumping between startup and corporate roles such as Ringier, Tamedia Advertising or Housetrip and Sentifi.

Yannick Koechlin

Yannick has a 15 years of Media Industry experience in building complex systems requiring fast moving data flows and data science.

Interested in joining?

We're always interested in talking to talents.