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With the first cookieless SSP powered by AI

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Double your reach
Don't let cookies limit your reach. With Buyer Pro, the key to a cookieless world, you can access publishers using our technology and reach all users across all browsers, including Safari and Firefox. No need to change your DSP, just plug and play.

For Publishers

Monetize Cookieless Inventory
No cookies? No problem. Our cookieless SSP is the ultimate solution for publishers who want to monetize their entire inventory. Our unique technology ensures high bids from buyers across all browsers, including Safari and Firefox.

Replacing cookies with AI to achieve targeting precision and drive results

Industry leaders work with C Wire

From top of funnel to lower funnel advertising campaigns, we drive outstanding results for our clients across all industries

Brand-safe & MFA free

We only partner with publishers from the trusted web through direct integration to provide the best possible brand safety.

What our clients say

“C Wire worked hard to make our first Mastercard campaign a success! We experienced first-hand that the team delivered strong service and kept us informed right throughout the campaign - they were even optimizing the campaign during the Christmas holidays!”

Walid Ikken

“We are thrilled with the results we have been able to achieve with C Wire and are pleased with the successful exposure of our brand ambassadors who reflect the Opel Spirit. We will definitely continue to work together based on the great results.”

Mario Lüthy
MMB media agentur

“Konnex is proud to deliver the best service to its own clients - and we expect the highest levels of service from the companies who supply and support us! Since the start of our relationship in 2021, C Wire has proved to be a trusted, and reliable partner, working with us on campaigns for some of our most important accounts. They are transparent, hands-on and efficient - and above all we value the fact that they are proactive in managing our business. Furthermore, we value that their solution works along all funnel steps and delivers high quality traffic with dwell times above average.”

Marco Berto

For publishers

Increase your RPMs by up to 68% on cookieless browsers

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For brands

Finally reach the 50% of the cookieless users that never see your ads today

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