Engineering @ C Wire

Creativity and genuine passion

This is what it takes to strive as an engineer at C Wire. A real  home for tech, where building tech has the central stage.

Why is C Wire home for engineering?

Close collaboration
We collaborate closely - we do pair programming and mob sessions.
Work location
We work remotely and in the office.
We are flexible - family, hobbies and that annoying appointment at the local office all take space in your diary. Don’t worry about it, we understand.
We care
We care - not only about simplicity and elegant solutions, but also about testability, operational challenges and product aspects.
We cherish end-to-end ownership and DevOps culture.
We are fast - We do trunk based deployments and several releases a day.
Low context switches
We minimize context switches - Meeting free afternoons is the rule! We break it sometimes.. 🦹
Metrics driven
We are metrics driven - We monitor our services and create custom metrics for our KPIs, like daily and hourly revenue 📈
We are geeks
We are geeks 🤓 - vim and Linux - why make your life miserable? Ask some of our engineers.. 🤦♂️
Transparent and honest
We are transparent and honest.
Open Positions

Come geek with us.

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