The first cookieless SSP

Monetize users equally across browsers. With C Wire, you get access to demand that does not need rely on cookies or user IDs to help you get value from your Safari, Edge and Firefox users.

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Built to monetize in a cookieless world. Sell-side signals free from cookies or user IDs.
Traditional SSPs don't focus on generating cookieless demand and DSPs are historically bad at bidding on Safari, Firefox or Edge.

They focus on trying to replace cookies with universal identifiers, often email based which is the opposite of what consumers and legislators are striving for. C Wire understands a new world is upon us and that we need new approaches with AI to keep advertising relevance without requiring user data.

With us, buyers create their own deals directly in our SSP with a layer of targetings that do not require user data or single users addressability. With C Wire as an SSP fueled by our Exclusive Buyer Pro demand, we support you on all devices, browsers with the highest resilience. You can now achieve a perfect monetization on your cookieless inventory.
Discover how Buyer Pro helps you
Cookieless Targetings thanks to AI. We built models capable of finding your audience.
Traditional targetings depend on 3rd party cookies or user identifiers, which limit your buyer's reach to mostly Google Chrome users. Which limits your monetization.

We generate exclusive demand at scale with consistent advanced real-time contextual signals. This way, you can monetize 100% of your users across all browsers and devices, and deliver more relevant ads to your users without invading their privacy.
Higher share of budgets
A bigger piece of the cake. By channeling budgets exclusively to trusted publishers and increasing investments through deals.
Publishers working with our SSP benefit from increased deal volumes, driven by the user-friendly self-service access and our expanded reach in the cookieless environment. Furthermore, as a publisher partnering with us, you won't face the intense competition of the entire internet. This translates to a larger share of budget allocations from the line items created by buyers who are specifically targeting our deals.
Easy integration
An integration for every tech stack. From Prebid.js to our native script, there is a solution for you.
In order to offer you the best possible yield, we have developed integration solutions allowing you to best optimize your monetization. See below our integration options:

  • Prebid.js - This is our preferred solution with the integration of our prebid client-side adapter
  • Prebid server - We have a prebid server adapter available with existing connections to several server providers such as Nexx360.
  • Native script - If you don't have prebid available, you can integration our native script directly on your page or in your ad server.

Why is C Wire your ultimate programmatic partner?

Improved monetization
Without a cookieless SSP, your RPMs are up to 65% lower on cookieless browsers.
Accurate & scalable targetings
1st party data alone tends to offer a limited scalability. AI-based models offer both scale and accuracy to keep your advertisers happy.
Quality Advertisers
C Wire only works with great brands and you will never see ads coming from low quality advertisers.
Future proof
C Wire's approach is the only stable and sustainable approach offering you certainties and even monetization.
True privacy
3rd party cookies or cross-domain identifiers don't offer consumer privacy. With our cookieless SSP, you show respect to your users.
Best-in-class support
Our team is composed of highly technical people coming from both the buy and sell side. This means we understand your challenges and focus on your success.

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