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Buyer Pro Features
With Buyer pro you have access to the following features
  • Create and edit deals
  • Select granular inventory
  • Define cookieless targetings
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Common Questions

Answers to all your questions

Which websites can I buy?
Buyer Pro is a powerful tool that allows you to buy any website connected to our SSP. C Wire has a direct relationship with every website, and we conduct a thorough audit of each placement with the highest level of detail.
Do I need a DSP?
Yes. Buyer Pro is a cutting-edge tool that enables you to buy cookieless inventory through your DSP. Our goal is to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible, without compromising your performance. You can enjoy the same buying, reporting, and invoicing processes, but with enhanced features and benefits.
Can I use any DSP?
Yes. Buyer Pro leverages Microsoft Advertising’s technology to connect you through the most relevant and diverse DSPs in the market.
Is it privacy safe?
Absolutly. A privacy-first approach, cookie and id agnostic is the only sustainable and resilient approach to programmatic advertising.
How much does it cost?
At this stage, Buyer Pro is free of charge. You will only pay for the media costs of your buying activity directly to your DSP provider.
Why do I need to apply for access?
Buyer Pro is still in a beta phase and we perform regular user research and usability tests to continuously improve the platform. We work with a hand picked selection of buying partners.
Can I use it in combination with my first party data?
Rather not. Using first party data from your DSP will limit your reach due to cookie or id limitations. If you need to reach a particular audience, feel free toreach out to our teams that will gladly support you.
How do I know it is really cookieless?
The easiest way to check how cookieless your media buying is, you can report by browser and compare it to the browser adoption in your market. If Google Chrome has a market share of 51% in your market, around 51% of your ad impressions should be delivered on Google CHrome. The bigger the discrepancy, the more inbuilt tech bias in your existing stack.
How do you source the inventory?
C Wire works directly with publishers or their saleshouse. We do not buy inventory on other exchanges and focus on having the shortest supply-path. This is great for CO2 emissions as well as for reduced fees with a shorter supply chain.
What media types or ad formats can I buy?
We currently support display and native ads, and we are working hard to add video ads to our platform soon. We also have our own proprietary ad formats that are exclusive to C Wire. If you are interested in buying these innovative and engaging formats programmatically, please contact our success team. They will provide feedback to our product team to optimise priorities.
How can I do frequency capping?
If your DSP supports cookieless or idless frequency capping, you can try to apply it on line items targeting our deals. Keep it mind that it may impact your bid rate negatively and decrease your addressability.
How are your targetings produced?
We train AI Models to understand which pages are relevant for your target audience's interests. We start by indexing the content from all our publisher partners. We then calculate the relevance of each URL to map it with user interests. This approach is the best to achieve high relevance while having a great reach without relying on cookies or user IDs.
What CPMs do I pay?
You pay the CPMs set in your DSP. For every deal, we will give you a range indicating what floor prices publishers have defined in our SSP. The lowest value allows you to know from which bid CPM you will start winning auctions. The highest value indicates what bid you should set to start winning auctions across all publishers selected. As CPMs are very geography sensitive, we always recommend you to set the country in your deal creation in order to see the most informative range.
What data is shared with DSPs?
DSPs will have access to the browser user agent, user IP address, user privacy preferences (Consent String) as well as contextual data.
Can I buy multiple publishers using one deal?
Yes. We are committed in providing you the most convenient experience.
What if the deals don't work?
That's the great news, should you have any issue with a deal through Buyer Pro, we have an expert team that can troubleshoot with any publisher partner.
Are deals automatically available in my DSP?
With most DSPs, our deals should be available for acceptance within your UI.
How do I find your SSP?
At the moment, we use Microsoft Monetize as an openRTB gateway to DSPs which is why you will find C Wire as a seller within Xandr with the seat ID 15027.
Can I connect multiple DSPs?
Yes. Not only can you connect any DSP you might have, but you can setup deals for multiple buying seats within the same DSP.
How many deals can I create?
As many as you need.
How do I guarantee brand safety?
You can define which sensitive categories you want to exclude. Moreover, we only work with trusted publishers which is the first pillar of a solid brand safety strategy.
Can I choose which websites I buy?
Yes. You can select individually all the websites that you would like to target.
Which targetings can I use in my DSP?
Using DSP targetings might have a heavy negative impact on your cookieless reach.