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Benefit from campaigns operated by C Wire. In order to address all advertiser segments, C Wire offers managed service campaigns which help you improve your monetization across all browsers.

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Ad Formats
Social based ad formats. Tap into social media budgets.
Our High-impact ad formats offer advertisers a way to extend their social media campaigns and reach their target audience in higher quality environments. These ad formats mimic the look and feel of social media ads, but they appear in your editorial environment.

Some of the advantages of high-impact ad formats are:
  • They are cost-effective. More budget available for media because advertisers don’t need to spend extra money or time on creating new creatives.
  • They are engaging. They capture the interest of the users with their dynamic and interactive features, such as carousels, videos and more.
  • They support your own sales. Our Ad formats are available to you and your sales teams to best serve your existing customers.
Discover our Ad Formats
Cookieless Monetization thanks to AI. We built models capable of monetizing your audiences.
With our managed service approach, you can offer the most granular and advanced contextual models. Hosting the creatives, allows us to classify the content of the ad and calculate the relevance of every single ad with every single URL from your websites. Moving contextual targetings away from binary approaches, and adding more nuance to make sure that your ads are always shown to the most relevant audiences.
Pricing Models
More pricing options = more budgets. Offering multiple pricing models allows you to benefit from different budget types.
While we bid on your inventory on a CPM basis, our prediction models allow us to accurately translate different pricing models to attract budgets from Social platforms or Youtube. We offer advertisers Cost per view (CPV), Viewable CPM (vCPM) or Cost per Click (CPC) without adding any markup.

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