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Built to deliver on cookieless. Sell-side signals free your media buying from cookies.

With traditional DSPs (demand-side platforms), you have to compromise between reach and precision. Setting targetings in your DSPs can reduce your potential reach by more than 50% because DSPs follow cookies. But with C Wire, you don’t have to choose. C Wire offers Buyer Pro, your privileged access to our SSP (supply-side platform). You can now create and manage your own programmatic deals across all our trusted publishers, using our layer of AI-based targetings. You can reach more people with more accuracy, and optimize your campaign performance with real-time insights. With C Wire and Buyer Pro, you can unleash the full potential of programmatic advertising.
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Cookieless Targetings thanks to AI. We built models capable of finding your audience.

Traditional targetings depend on 3rd party cookies or user identifiers, which limit your reach to mostly Google Chrome users. But with C Wire, you can use our advanced real-time contextual signals to target users based on their interests. This way, you can reach 100% of the users across all browsers and devices, and deliver more relevant and effective ads. With C Wire, you can achieve higher KPIs for your campaigns without relying on cookies.
Trusted Web

Only trusted websites. We have the highest standards in the industry.

We believe that the quality of the websites where your ads are displayed matters a lot for your campaigns. That’s why we work directly with reputable media brands and adhere to the highest standards of trust and transparency. Instead of settling for safety or suitability, you can now be proud of the environment where your ads are shown. Moreover, our filters allow you to exclude any type of content that you want to avoid.
Single point of contact

Scale your deal activity.  One point of contact to get your deals working for you.

Are you tired of the hassle and complexity of traditional deals? Do you want to streamline your buying process across all your media partners? C Wire is a partner that lets you manage your deals with ease and efficiency. No more emails, no more spreadsheets, you’re in control. You can access real-time data, setup and execute deals with just a few clicks. And if you ever encounter any issues, our success team is ready to help. Our team consists of experts with both buy and sell-side experience, who can provide you with the best guidance and assistance. Contact us today and we will make sure your deals run smoothly and successfully.

Why is C Wire your ultimate programmatic partner?

Increased Reach
Without a cookieless approach, you are excluding around 50% of potential users. With C Wire you can reclaim it.
Accurate & scalable targetings
1st party data tends to offer a limited reach. AI-based models offer both scale and accuracy to better deliver on your goals.
Quality Reach
Buying quality inventory through Open RTB is cumbersome. To make it easier, C Wire partners only with trusted publishers.
Future proof
3rd party cookies or identifiers are undergoing disruption, C Wire's approach is the only stable and sustainable approach offering you certainties.
True privacy
3rd party cookies or cross-domain identifiers don't offer consumer privacy. With our cookieless SSP, you show respect to your clients.
Best-in-class support
Our team is composed of highly technical people coming from both the buy and sell side. This means we understand your challenges and focus on your success.

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