The power of cookieless with managed services

Access users equally across browsers. With C Wire managed services, you will benefit from high impact ad formats, flexible pricing models and expert optimization.

Deep dive into our managed service USPs

Ad Formats
Designed to deliver on your goals. Our Ad formats deliver better impact.
High-impact ad formats are a great way to extend your social media campaigns and reach your target audience in higher quality environments. These ad formats mimic the look and feel of social media ads, but they appear in an editorial environment. This gives them more credibility and attention than traditional banner ads.
Some of the advantages of high-impact ad formats are:
  • They are cost-effective. You don’t need to spend extra money or time on creating new assets for your ads. You can use the same images, videos, and texts that you already have for your social media ads.
  • They are engaging. They capture the interest of the users with their dynamic and interactive features, such as carousels, videos and more.
  • They are measurable. You can track the performance of your ads with various metrics, such as impressions, clicks, reach or engagement.
High-impact ad formats are a smart way to leverage your social media assets and create powerful ads that stand out in the digital landscape. They can help you increase your brand awareness, generate leads, drive sales, and grow your business.
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Cookieless Targetings thanks to AI. We built models capable of finding your audience.
With our managed service approach, you will benefit from the most granular and advanced contextual models. Hosting the creatives, allows us to classify the content of the ad and calculate the relevance of every single ad with every single article from our publishers' network. Moving contextual targetings away from binary approaches, and adding more nuance to make sure that your ads are always shown to the most relevant audiences.
Pricing Models
Guaranteed outcomes. Our Ad formats deliver better impact.
With programmatic, you have to buy on a CPM basis which can leave bad surprises when some websites don't perform as expected. With our managed service approach, you can buy with currencies such as viewable CPM (vCPM), Cost per view (CPV) or at time even Cost per Click (CPC). You can now pay for guaranteed outcomes which are aligned with your campaign goals.
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Trusted Web
Only trusted websites. We have the highest standards in the industry.
We believe that the quality of the websites where your ads are displayed matters a lot for your campaigns. That’s why we work directly with reputable media brands and adhere to the highest standards of trust and transparency. Instead of settling for safety or suitability, you can now be proud of the environment where your ads are shown. Moreover, our filters allow you to exclude any type of content that you want to avoid.
Outstanding service
Rely on a great partner to deliver on your goals. Gain from having an expert team taking care of your campaigns.
C Wire has true digital advertising experts in its team, making sure your campaigns are running smoothly and are well optimized. We develop toolings to closely monitor all of our campaigns and have early signals indicating any unexpected result. In the rare cases a problem should arise, our teams will be proactive with you and not leave you with the problem after the fact.

Why should you work with C Wire?

Increased Reach
If you rely on cookies, you are missing out on nearly half of your potential customers. C Wire lets you reach them with a cookieless solution.
Tailor-made targetings
The C Wire team will craft customised targetings for each of your campaign’s creatives that will drive results.
Quality Reach
Some partners may not be transparent about where your ads are shown. C Wire makes it simple by working only with trusted publishers.
High-Impact Ad Formats
We can create ad formats that suit your social campaigns, using the assets you already have. Our ads are designed to work across the entire acquisition funnel.
True privacy
Our cookieless ad server protects consumer privacy by avoiding 3rd party cookies or cross-domain identifiers. You can show your clients that you respect their privacy
Best-in-class support
Our managed service team consists of experts in campaigning. We know the challenges you face and we work hard to help you succeed.
High-attention placements
Don't compromise on the quality of your ad placements. C Wire managed services ensure that your ads are shown only on high-attention spots by tracking attention metrics at the finest level.
Guaranteed results
We align our pricing models with your business goals to ensure a successful outcome. With viewable CPM (vCPM), Cost per View (CPV) or Cost per Click (CPC), you have guaranteed outcomes.
Brand lift insights
C Wire can measure the impact of your campaigns on your brand image with the help of Brand Metrics. You will get insightful reports on how much our cookieless solutions enhance your brand perception.

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