Better on-site performance, thanks to qualified visitors

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    Market awareness + Traffic Generation
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    Story Ad


Better on-site performance, thanks to qualified visitors


By using highly effective Story Ads from C Wire, the social media campaign was easily extended into suitable editorial content, whilst making use of exactly the same creatives. C Wire extended the reach of the campaign significantly, beyond social media walls.

Through C Wire's proprietary contextual targeting technology, the advertising messages were placed in the most relevant editorial articles on the subject of "wellness", "Summer" and "bathing fun". This  created high levels of attention, which resulted in high-quality sessions being recorded on the campaign landing page.


C Wire performed better than all other channels used in the campaign and was the only non-social media outlet in the mix. The results prove the power of using highly relevant placements and visibility on quality media portals.


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Bounce rate

C Wire makes it very easy and convenient to launch a campaign. We were able to re-use our social media assets one-to-one, to create high-impact Story Ads which generated high levels of awareness for our Summer offers. What’s more, we were able to measure a meaningful uplift in engagement; C Wire traffic stayed longer on our website and consumed more pages than other visitors. Overall, we were very happy with the service and the results of the campaign.

Etienne Copiery - Digital Marketing Manager, FORTYSEVEN° Wellness-Therme