C Wire Launches new Story Ads Advertising Format

The Story Ad is an intuitive advertising format for users, inspired by social media. The product combines excellent usability and interactivity in this format with a first-class inventory made up of the biggest Swiss media.
The new format allows advertisers and agencies to use existing social media creative in news and information environments. These websites are traditionally associated with greater brand awareness and appeal to a wider target group. The underlying technology also combines total visibility with a positive user experience: the ad is paused when it is moved out of view and starts without sound. At the same time, Story Ads offer users a fluid, instinctive user experience and visually appealing formats.
Nannette Passberg, Managing Director PHD Switzerland, explains: "When selecting communication media/formats based on the consumer's digital experience for our client, Cler Bank, there are two essential conditions. Firstly, the educational aspect must contribute to an in-depth understanding of the investment solution being promoted. Secondly, the interactive aspect must underline the modern and fresh presentation of the advertising. In this case, we see a clear opportunity that contributes to the communication objectives and we look forward to the results.
Martin Garling, Sales Director at C WIRE, is delighted with the successful launch of this new offering: "We are very grateful to have found in Cler Bank a client that is keen to innovate, that immediately understood the benefits of running these eye-catching formats in an absolutely relevant context on Switzerland's best-known media brands, and that supported us in a smooth roll-out."

Published on:
February 15, 2022
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