Building awareness for asset management services

  • Client
    Luzerner Kantonalbank
  • Industry
  • Market
  • Company Size
  • Objective
    Awareness building
  • Agency
    DotKom Digital Communication
  • C Wire formats
    Sponsored Video


Luzerner Kantonalbank provides award-winning private banking and advisory solutions for high net worth individuals. However they had a need to increase awareness of their asset management services. ​​“Moving your wealth on” campaign highlighted investment priorities and the bank’s expertise, directing traffic to a campaign hub.


C Wire sponsored video delivered Luzerner Kantonalbank’s videos within articles covering topics such as investing, retirement planning and saving in quality journalistic media. The strong relevance ensured high attention and the association with high quality media boosted the brand credibility.


C Wire outperformed all other channels used in the campaign. C Wire was the only non-social media in the mix, and the results prove the power of high relevance and visibility within quality media combined with constant optimisation.


Bounce rate


Cost per Completed View


Pages per session


Session duration

We decided to use the Sponsored Video Ad and were able to generate high-quality Completed Video Views in thematically appropriate articles. We also found that the large-scale video format worked exceptionally well in terms of traffic quality and are absolutely thrilled.

Stefanie Mayr – DotKom